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Name: Wolf or Wolfy if you know here well

Age: About 2 years

Gender: Female

Species: She is Mostly Artic, but has alittle timber wolf in her

Pack: N/A

Rank: N/A

Appearance: From nose to tail she is 2 1/2 ft. long, she stands 24 in. tall weighing about 75 Ibs. Her eyes are the color of the forest floor, being inbetween a light/dark green. She has pure white fur given by her mother. She has long legs built for running for long periods of time. Her muzzle is narrow contained with sharp teeth, her strong jaw allows her to bring down prey easier.

Personality: She is very helpful, and will do anything to help out no matter what the task or situation. She is loval which makes her a good friend to others. Once you become her friend she will be loyal to you till the end. She is friendly which is what makes her such a peach. She never judges anything by the way it looks, she'll watch your actions and if your actions are rude and disreaspectful then that is the way she will treat you. But if your nice and friendly then she will return the favor. Dont let her happy attitude fool you though, when she is threatened or angry she can become hostile and aggressive to everyone. She cant stand wolves who make her want to go insane. She is very obedient to her superiors and wolves a higher rank than her. Lastly she is confident, she will hold her head high and isnt afraid of anything. If she is sucessful on a hunt she will come back with a wide smile on her face with her tail raised proud in the air.

History: Her mother was a solid white, while her father was a lighter brown mix. Before she was born her father left her mother for another female. Being born into a litter of 4 she was the only white one which made her stand out. Around 8 months her family was attacked by a rival pack killing everyone but her. Since she didn't know her father she grew up learning how to hunt and take care of herself.


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